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January 20th, 2023

People Against Corruption

Thanks, John and Ines, for this link.


 Anarchapulco: Welcome to the resistance!

Thanks, JOC, for sharing this link.


Should You Trust Elon Musk?

Thanks, Vincent and JoJo, for this link, stating in the chat, “Very good and just 1h15min long conversation between REALLY good investigators about Elon Musk. If you think he can be trusted, think again. You will see deeper levels of understanding and subtlety.”


How Twitter Rigged the Covid Debate

Thank you, Pasquale, for this article link, with the subheading, “The platform suppressed true information from doctors and public-health experts that was at odds with U.S. government policy.“.



Wonderful continued work from Sharon. See her video presentation HERE.

A recorded talk and slide presentation by Sharon Cousins (Independent Researcher/Writer) in Wollongong NSW Australia, following 2 years of research and monitoring of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website DAEN (Database of Adverse Event Notifications), specifically the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ i.e. 962 reported deaths as at 15.01.2023 across Australia including 9 children with additional 11 foetal deaths, 16 stillbirths and 192 miscarriages – termed ‘abortion spontaneous’ (319 lost pregnancies including the death of a 32-year-old pregnant woman – ‘rash pruritic’). Video link – sent to criminal barrister Jerry Prus with links

The 20 Minute Neighbourhood – learning from Down Under

Thank you, Belinda, for this video link. The concept of being limited to an area within 20 minutes walking time of your home is an abomination. It is MOST IMPORTANT that every one of us knows about this plan and opposes it, particularly by pressuring every local councillor in your municipality.


NZ Celebrating Jacinda’s exit.

Thanks, Simon, for sharing this link. Possibly doctored, but fun all the same.


Contaminated blood enquiry

Thank you, Vicki, for this link.


Kevin Loughrey

Thanks, Kevin, for your contribution and work.

GO HERE for Kevin’s website.

Russell Broadbent, MP – letter

Thank you, Ian, for sharing this letter by Russell Broadbent, MP, member for the Federal Seat of Monash, to Mark Butler MP, Minister for Health and Aged Care, alerting him to the extraordinary number of C19 vaccine injuries.

My Place Australia

Thanks, Fiona, for the reminder to jump onto My Place.


Hoody speaks with Reiner Fuellmich

Thank you, Vicki, for this link to the Hoody interview with Reiner Fuellmich.


Prevent Genocide 2030

Thanks, Charles K, for encouraging us to go to the site for Prevent Genocide 2030, run by Dr Rima Laibow of the USA. She is a passionate psychiatrist whose husband was murdered by the system for daring to question ‘the narrative’!


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