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Summaries of past meetings

May 24th, 2024

Avi Yemini CONFRONTS 7News over Network’s lies following explosive court ruling Thanks, AJ, for sharing this link to Avi Yemini covering the Nick Patterson story.… Read More »May 24th, 2024

April 26th, 2024

Petition EN6098 – To stop all Offshore Wind Turbine Proposals and Construction. Thanks, Goddess (Martine), for sharing this link. GO HERE Opening Song: The Forest of the Fallen… Read More »April 26th, 2024

March 1st, 2024

Honest Government Ad | Whistleblower Protection Laws Thanks, FOAM member, for sending this humourous, but truthful, look at Australia’s whistleblower laws. GO HERE Thanks, Kevin,… Read More »March 1st, 2024

April 28th, 2023

America’s Broken Health Care: Diagnosis and Prescription – John Abramson Thank you, Charles K, for sharing this article. GO HERE Australian Regulatory Guidelines for Advertising… Read More »April 28th, 2023

July 8th 2022

Simon links Analysis of the Virus SARS-CoV-2 as a Potential Bioweapon in Light of International Literature Go HERE _________________________ Simon’s research key word links Go… Read More »July 8th 2022

24th June, 2022

FREEDOM SUMMIT DOWNUNDER 2022 Thank you, Phil, via email, for reminding us of the Freedom Summit Downunder, organised by Reignite Democracy Australia, planned for Wednesday… Read More »24th June, 2022

May 27th 2022

A Five-Day WALKOUT Thanks, Phil, for bringing our awareness to Monica Smit’s GLOBAL fights for democracy. Monica is promoting a 5-Day Walkout in protest against… Read More »May 27th 2022

May 6th, 2022

United Australia Party candidate ‘rolls over’ in cell and won’t face court on charges Thanks, Sharon, for sharing this article regarding a candidate for Clive… Read More »May 6th, 2022

April 1st, 2022

Useful Pattern Interrupt with TGA Data Kim, an experienced and highly-skilled data analyst, is doing tremendous work in sourcing and analysing jab-adverse reactions from the… Read More »April 1st, 2022

March 25th, 2022

N-Acetyl Cysteine (Nac) Thanks, Laila, for supplying this video link that explains NAC–(N-Acetylcysteine) – a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory useful for Covid dramas of all… Read More »March 25th, 2022

February 11th, 2022

Whistleblowers panel address US Senator Ron Johnson Powerful video of a panel of medical experts, lawyers and advocates addressing US Senator Ron Johnson. Link: Andrew… Read More »February 11th, 2022

December 10th, 2021

American Heart Association Journal study Thanks, Loz, for sharing this American Heart Association Journal study regarding mrNA vaccines dramatically increasing endothelial inflammatory markers. Abstract 10712:… Read More »December 10th, 2021