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About us

The Australian values of freedom, respect, fairness and equality of opportunity – values that are central to our community remaining a secure, prosperous and peaceful place to live – are all but destroyed.

Can we restore these freedoms and protect our human rights?

Yes. If we are willing to have the fight. And FOAM’s weekly meetings increase your willingness, and abilities, to fight for the Australia that you used to have.

The risk that COVID 19 poses to Australia is minor.

In response to this ‘risk’ our government has, under the guise of ‘protecting us and our health care system’:


The vaccines that our Government are forcing upon every one of us pose a far greater risk than COVID 19.


On top of the health concerns, mandating these vaccines onto our society have substantial human rights and freedoms repercussions. The abandonment of the lessons of history are indeed ensuring that we are doomed to repeat them.

The government is using unprecedented coercion tactics and is exercising unethical and criminal abuse of powers. No-one is exempt from this abuse. The elderly, frail, pregnant, immuno-compromised, mentally ill, those with existing medical conditions who are beset with a greater risk from the potential adverse reactions…and the children. All of them are being pushed by force to get this ‘jab’.

We can agree that we are facing a future that does not look promising. This undesirable future is a divided community who are at war with one-another. This animosity will spill onto the streets and into homes, with violent outbursts and ensuing suffering. A growing number of friends and family will suffer vaccine injury and death. There will be permanent restrictions to movement and zero ability to travel unless vaccinated – with continual boosters. Overwhelming numbers of small-medium businesses will be closed and unemployment rates will skyrocket. The effects of isolation and fear will become long-term conditions that plague many members of our society.

Many concerned people are silenced. Some are silenced as they do not want to speak out to family and friends. Some are silenced by their professional governing bodies who are threatening revocation of practising licenses to anyone failing to buttress the Government agenda. Some are silenced as they fear they are in the minority and question the voice inside of them that is screaming for attention.

Because the Government is doing all it can to separate us and muzzle free speech;

Because the mainstream media and journalists are utterly failing in their ethical responsibility to expose lies and report the truth;

Because the medical and pharmaceutical professions are aiding and abetting lies of the threat that C19 poses and the support of mass and ongoing forced medication of society;

Because our only chance to alter our future is for people who are opposed to this Government response – people like us – to gather and form a unified call for change;

Please join us in an ongoing conversation.

The conversations are conducted online via Zoom.

All concerned citizens are welcome, so invite other like-minded people.

Participants are welcome to join anonymously by turning off their cameras and changing their name.

There will be no need to register attendance so we can further protect the identity of those who wish to remain anonymous.

There are zero fees attached to these Zoom meetings.

Participants can be as interactive or non-participatory as they choose.

The meetings will be moderated and disruptive participants will be ejected.

The title to these Zoom meetings is FOAM. Fighters Opposing Autocratic Maniacs.

Our Host


LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., CSP, MAICD

Charles Kovess practised tax law for 20 years, then successfully changed career in 1993 to become Australasia’s Passion Provocateur. 

For the past 28 years he has been a professional speaker, facilitator, executive coach and author.

Charles currently represents a medical organisation on the World Council for Health and is a member of the WCH Legal Committee that assists doctors and people to resist improper and illegal Government overreach of powers.

He is now also advising many on legal strategies to handle the extraordinary times in which we find ourselves, including house arrests, border closures, assaulting people with jabs without informed consent, and other gross breaches of law by Governments.