Put the Majors Last

Thank you, Phil, for encouraging everyone to go to ‘Put the Majors Last’ website and ensure we vote effectively.


CASE Myocarditis Injured Network Research Model

Thanks, Simon, for your work and education around

N-acetylcysteine (NAC)

Thank you, John and Ines, for this link to information about the supplement N-acetylcysteine (NAC).


Brett Sutton – “Has form”. Slug Gate

Here is a link to a news article on Brett Sutton and his role in ‘Slug Gate’ involving I Cook Foods in Dandenong, Melbourne.


GAVI: Global Alliance Vaccine Immunisation

Thanks, Simon, for giving us the link to GAVI, where Jane Halton is on the Board – Global Alliance Vaccine Immunisation. Jane is the sister in law of Brett Sutton, CHO for Victoria.

GO HERE for their website.

Educate for Protection

Many thanks, Sharon, for the link to the website of Educate for Protection.

They are conducting a class action via Derek Balogh in Melbourne. $200 fee. No lawyers involved..


Reiner Fuellmich video on Rumble

Charles encouraged us to watch the Reiner Fuellmich Zoom discussion Charles recently moderated.


Possums have anti snake venom

Thanks, Simon, for this information about possums and anti-snake venom.


Data for Fi

Fi raised the question of what data and research to submit to her employer to support her position and arguments against forced vaccinations.

Thanks, Phil, for this information GO HERE

And, also, go to Kim’s data and analysis on the FOAM GROUP site – GO HERE

Thanks, Jules, for this link to an article about how insurance companies are getting out of ANY claims regarding the jabs. GO HERE

And, along those same lines, thank you Simon for this article. GO HERE


Thanks, Simon, for this link to information about an interesting healing system.


Denmark’s ‘must smile’ supermarket

Thanks for sharing this video, Simon, showing a supermarket in Denmark where you must register a smile to the camera to enable entry. It ‘seems’ that it’s a nice thing to do, but the truth is that it’s all about recording your face for future facial recognition purposes and social credit purposes. We must be aware of these steps so we can resist them.


Ukraine adopts WEF Proposals

Thank you, Simon, for sharing this information link on ‘Zelensky has just signed into law the first steps of Schwab’s Great Reset. He announced he is introducing a Social Credit Application combining Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Digital Identity and a Vaccine Passport all within their Diia app. He also says that because so much money is coming into Ukraine as he has become an international celebrity, he has legalized cryptocurrencies in Ukraine. He will allow foreign and Ukrainian cryptocurrencies exchanges to operate legally, according to the country’s Ministry of Digital Transformation.’