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Corruption & Lies

SAIF 39 – South Australia’s Stevens, Spurrier, Marshall and their Covidian Web of Lies

Thank you, John H, for this excellent documentary on the corruption, lies and misleading science of the South Australian Government.

A brilliantly produced video by a South Australian father and grandfather who is outraged by the deceit of our Governments handling of COVID 19 and and their response to it including the vaccine role out.

South Australia in Focus thanks the producer of this video very much for the over 100 hours dedicated to bring this video to South Australians and indeed the world.

The video covers the blatant lies regarding the severity of the disease, the flawed testing for it, the harmful measures put in place, the vaccine role out including evidence for the lack of safety and efficacy and the corruption behind those who produced them.


A historical video of Fauci states that the best vaccination is to get infected

Oh, how the medical advice has shifted to suit the narrative!