Got Vaccinated and Regretting It? Ways to Cope (Part 1)

Thanks, Simon, for this link to an article about Nattokinase.


Spike Protein Detox Guide

Thanks, Simon, for this link to the World Council for Health article on how to clear viral and vaccine-induced spike proteins from the body.


Club Grubbery: Doctors with Voices

Thanks, John and Ines, for this link to join the Club Grubbery Facebook page where the Doctors with Voices interviews are aired and published.


UNLOCK the Creative LIGHT-FORCE Within – Dr Zach Bush

Thanks, JOC, for sharing this link to Dr Zach Busg’s great animation work to help explain complex theories.


Freedom of Information Regulations

Thanks, Simon, for finding this link to the Australian Government site that explains the regulations around the sourcing of information through the FOI.


Tucker Carlson interviews Dr Aseem Malhotra on the corruption of medicine by Big Pharma

Thanks, John and Ines, for finding this link to the interview of Dr Aseem Malhotra by Tucker Carlson that Charles K spoke of.

GO HERE for the YouTube version.

Thanks, Simon, for sharing the Rumble version HERE (in case YouTube censor it).

Thanks, Maria, for sharing this interesting Leunig cartoon.

While shepherds watched their phones by night, all seated at the bar, an angel texted them to say “look up and see the star!”

David Rasnick, PhD

Thanks, Charles K, for encouraging us to go to the site of David Rasnick, PhD.


See 1957 Book, The Breakdown of Nations.Worthy of consideration. The simple economic message is this: most problems are caused by bigness. When things get too big, including cities and nations and even animals, the problems increase exponentially.

There are also two articles on David’s website that Charles urged us to read.

  1. Tyranny of Dogma (GO HERE – thanks, Sharon, for the direct link.)

2. Out of Kilter

Abortion Law Reform Act 2008

Thanks, Neil, for letting us know the Act to look at to see what Dictator Dan has deemed appropriate in Victoria in relation to FULL TERM abortions.


Thanks, Julie B, for this link to Senator Alex Antic’s website page on Born Alive Bill. GO HERE

And, thanks, Sharon, for this link to a YouTube video titled, 2nd Trimester Abortion Procedure | Dr Anthony Levatino – Former Abortionist Turns Pro-Life. GO HERE