Jury Duty – exempt due to not being jabbed

Tony shared…

“I received a notice for Jury Duty yesterday. The accompanying notice for exemptions said I could be excused for being over 70. It did not say anything about vaccination status on the form. It advised to go online, which I did. I duly filled in that I was now 70 and the computer replied that I would be answered in 5 five days. Online it asked about vaccination status, and I duly answered NO to first vax, NO to second VAX and NO to booster. I immediately got a computer reply saying I was excused from Jury Service for ever! This means that non-vaccinated people are not allowed on juries. So I thought about this and the lawyers among you may conclude that you cannot have an impartial jury in covid law cases, if all the jurors have taken the jab and already are part of the system.”

This prompts the point, as Charles discussed, we have the right of a jury of our peers. Who are your ‘peers’? This is a crucial legal issue that is worthy of note, note just for the unjabbed, but for all jury cases. For example, if you are a tradie accused of a crime, your ‘peers’ are not doctors, nurses, engineers or accountants. 

Being judged by a jury of ‘peers’ is an important protection mechanism. 

Preferential Voting with Marbles! How to stick it to the Major Parties this election!

Thank you John, for sharing the video developed by Topher Field explaining preferential voting and how to vote at the next election. It is excellent and worth sharing widely. 


Quantum frequency medicine

Thank you Leah, for sharing information about this healing device. 

During a scan down to the cell nucleus level, the MedBed determines exactly the frequencies as well as the amount of quantum energy you need for the best possible self-healing. Both are then teleported into your body.


COVID-19 Mortality in Australia – Australian Bureau of Statistics data

Thanks, Fiona, for sharing this link to the data that has some MSM reporting on the scare campaign that we have all know about. This should be front-page news on all media outlets.


NanoTech in the Jabs?

Thank you, John H, for sharing these images of blood slides showing what is actually being injected into people via the jabs.

For those who just want the short story: Here’s the picture of one drop of New Zealand’s Pfizer COMIRNATY “vaccine” under a cover slip, after it was inadvertently heated lightly, and viewed later the same day through dark field microscopy at low magnification, and projected onto a TV monitor.


Identification and evaluation of the inhibitory effect of Prunella vulgaris extract on SARS-coronavirus 2 virus entry

Thank you, Gerry, for this link to an article asking is Prunella Vulgaris the Sars CoV2 Antidote?


‘Sonic weapons’ were used by police in Canberra’s protests, but only to broadcast messages rather than do harm

Thank you, Gerry, for this article in response to claims that L Rad Sonic Weapons were used on the crowd who demonstrated in Canberra.


Also, see the second post from the top of this MP’s news feed asking about the devices causing sunburn-like symptoms.  https://www.facebook.com/StephenAndrewMP

The Tiny Dot

Simon shared this 7-minute video that effectively explains how the very few enforcers gain power over the throng, over the mob, over the sheeple. 



Diane McCann-Mathews was happy to share her contact details. She is an amazing woman and Charles has known her and experienced her work for decades.

You can subscribe to her newsletter via her website: https://beyondtheordinary.net.au/

And her email contact details are: [email protected] 

Common Law Earth

Jules shared this information.

Common law in Australia is vested in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 – It is the highest law of the land. This website provides information, explains procedures, and makes available documents for anyone wishing to learn about and use Common Law.



Thank you, Simon, for sharing this video about certain batches of the jabs being more toxic than others.


Report Covid Vaccine Injuries – self monitoring of vaccine safety

Thanks, John H, for sharing this link to a group who are investigating the effects – especially the adverse effects – of the jabs.

The form they use was created by Craig Paardekooper, a pharmaceutical sciences student at Kingston University. He is a member of NHS Staff for Choice – a group of 2400 doctors, nurses and research staff who believe that vaccination should be by consent, and there should be no restrictions imposed on those who refuse it.


Jordan Peterson – Message to the Truckers

Thank you to Charles for sharing this short video message from Jordan Peterson to the Canadian Truckers.