Stop Spraying Our Sky

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My Place Yarra Valley inviting ‘freedom fighters’ to fortnightly meetings

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Longitudinal Associations Between Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms and Blood Biomarkers of Inflammation and CNS-Injury After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

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All Wars Are Bankers Wars

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Real Rukshan Assaulted while attending the public area in front of the council building as the MCC was debating a motion on a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict.


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The Cale Byron Lighthouse Declaration

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The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration was written to raise awareness about the vast numbers of health professionals who have been censored when attempting to raise awareness of significant harms caused by government Covid-19 policies.”

Last week Dr John Campbell spoke with Australia-based psychologist Ros Nealon-Cook, who had her licence suspended for sounding the alarm about the harms to children from government pandemic policy.

Ros has joined forces with a number of health professionals from around the world who were similarly censored and silenced. Together, they have created The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration to raise awareness about the widespread propaganda and censorship of expert scientific opinion. You can read and sign the declaration here. 

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