Pat Mesiti Pray and Pushback 3

Charles suggested to watch the recording of a third Pat Mesiti event that aired live on Friday. 

It is a powerful 4-hour, 20-minute presentation with a slew of notable speakers, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr,  Monica Smit, George Christensen and Senators Malcolm Roberts and Alex Antic. 


See below for the inspirational video that Reignite Democracy Australia aired during Monica’s presentation. The final cut will be available on their site in 1-2 weeks’ time. GO HERE

Prime Minister Boris Johnson declares an end to mandates and restrictions.

If you missed Boris Johnson’s announcement, GO HERE

British Policeman explained the charges and accountability that is being brought against the Police and Government. 

Julie shared this video of a British citizen calling out the lawful responsibilities of Police and Government.


Documentary: A Good Death

Charles suggested to go to the site and subscribe so you can watch the excellent documentary, A Good Death.


C19 Science

Charles encouraged us to look at C19 Science website. Charles’ colleague in North Carolina, Dr John Droz, has created an outstanding source of accurate and reliable information. 


Senator Gerard Rennick post about a woman losing her unborn baby after getting vaccine

Senator Gerard Rennick shared the story on his Facebook page of Chrystal, a woman who was forced into being jabbed while pregnant and subsequently and sadly lost her baby. This post has received a lot of attention via the comments.


Kidspot Post about Vaccine and changes to menstrual cycles

The Facbook page for Kidspot had posted an article about changes to girl’s and women’s menstrual cycles after receiving the stab. The over-2,000 comments list the hundreds of females who have experienced symptoms such as continual bleeding, erratic cycles and even post-menopausal women starting to menstruate again. Go to the link below and then search within the Kidspot page the word ‘vaccine’. It is the 6th or 7th post down the list as you scroll.


Stuart Zadel

Charles mentioned Stuart Zadel for investment advice.


Issues for women and pregnant women post-stab

Thank you, Phil, for sharing this presentation on the Children’s Health Defense-Australia Chapter site explaining the issues of the stab for women and pregnant women. 


Prosper!: How To Prepare For The Future And Create A World Worth Inheriting

Thanks, Brydon, for sharing this book that shares ideas on how best to invest your time, money and energy given the world we live in.


Short, effective messages…

Dr. Malone: Before You Inject Your Child

Thanks, Phil, for sharing this presentation br Dr Robert Malone. An example of a short, effective message. 



​Charles spoke about an expert’s affidavit for court cases sworn by Dr Peter McCullough. It is masterful. It articulates the issues very well. The good doctor is willing to swear such affidavits for any jurisdiction to support legal cases against the jabs.  


Crime investigation in London has been closed and it won’t be investigated any longer? – Charles confirms this is NOT the case.

Pasquale mentioned that he received word via Twitter that the crime investigation in London has been closed and it won’t be investigated any longer. 

Charles advises that the criminal case in UK has NOT been closed. Any tweets or social media info to the contrary is false, fake news, and deliberately meant to deceive.

Robert F. Kennedy 3 lessons

Charles shared that during Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s presentation on the Pat Mesiti Pray and Pushback event, he shared these three important insights.

  1. We must ‘Resist, Resist, Resist’!
  2. No nation in history has ever complied its way out of totalitarianism
  3. Government never voluntarily relinquishes additional powers that have been given to it once an emergency has passed: the people need to resist before this will occur. 

A bit of humour