AMPS work with the Proposed Terms of Reference for a COVID-19 Royal Commission

Thanks, Kara and Vicki for sharing this link to the site where you can register your signature to help ensure the government operates an effective Royal Commission.

As stated on the site, “Without proper Terms of Reference the Federal Government will waste hundreds of millions of dollars on a Royal Commission that fails to provide the answers Australians need and deserve.

A dedicated team of lawyers spent 60 days consulting with our medical and scientific community to compile proper Terms of Reference.

GO HERE to read the Terms of Reference and submit your signature.

Opening Song: Five Times August, “Jesus…what happened to us?


Archbishop Carlo Vigano message for 2024

Thanks, Charles K, for sharing this powerful and important message for 2024.


Prof. Ian Brighthope on TNT Radio with Charles Kovess

GO HERE to listen to the latest episode of Charles Kovess’ TNT Radio program, Mind Medicine, where he interviews Prof. Ian Brighthope.

Prof. Ian Brighthope presentation to Medical Doctors 4 COVID Ethics International

This presentation was an in-depth Q&A for over two hours, where the good Prof. handled all questions with great aplomb and knowledge. Well worth watching to gain a deeper understanding of how our bodies function!


CASA: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Thanks, Charles K and John H, for sharing information about this questionable and unaccountable government organisation.


Exposed: The Hidden Agenda behind the UK Government’s very real Chemtrail Operations

Thanks, Vicki, for sharing this link.


Agenda 2030

Thanks, Charles K, for raising the true motivation behind Agenda 2030.


Dr Melissa McCann: A summary of the Australian COVID vaccine injuries Class Action Lawsuit

Thanks, Aldo and JOC, for sharing this information.