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Legal Updates



This Presentation by Charles covers the following key aspects of the unlawful Covid responses by Governments and organisations in Australia and globally:

1. The seven layers of applicable laws
2. Why the responses are, indeed, unlawful
3. How Governments have overreached their powers.
4. How medical regulators have overreached their powers and acted corruptly and unlawfully
5. The failures of the medical profession to protect their patients
6. Government control of the medical profession
7. The ‘menage-a-trois’ factor!
8. The explosion of vaccines being pumped into children since the 1986 USA legislation
9. Are you a ‘conspiracy theorist’?
10. The huge increase in autism cases
11. Who’s in charge: politicians or Big Pharma?
12. How the Federal Government in Australia is colluding with State Governments to act unlawfully
13. The jabs are neither safe nor effective
14. Governments are using unfair tactics in legal cases against them, and likely to be perverting the course of justice
15. Governments are pressuring business financially to impose mandates
16. Mandates are unlawful but they are forced on to workers
17. The challenge of attacking unlawful mandates
18. The jab could be a death sentence: it’s ‘Russian Roulette’! Factors include batches of the jabs, genetics, and health status
19. Sports stars collapsing globally: more than 690 fit and healthy athletes!
20. The need to keep accurate records of jabs
21. The battle against unlawful behaviours of Governments and big business will be won with people power: the people united have power, Governments only have force.
22. The problem of corrupt courts and judges
23. Judges are not medical or health experts
24. Politicians and bureaucrats will be held to account for their criminal acts in imposing and inciting these jabs
25. It is criminal behaviour to inject anyone without proper ‘informed consent’
26. What’s more important to you: your health or your wealth?
27. Why would you stay in a corrupt system that is putting your health at risk?
28. Legal cases are one way of many to push back against Government and business overreach
29. Why a majority of jab recipients appear not to be harmed. Yet!
30. The jabs to date have injured over 300 million people globally
31. The challenges of proving causation
32. Strategies to support legal cases: there are more than 30 possible causes of action
33. The failure of Governments to preserve human freedoms.
34. The possibility of ‘parallel health systems’
35. Taking responsibility for your own health
36. Relevance of the Nuremberg Code and informed consent and coercion
37. Woolworths and its unlawful jab mandates
38. Strategies to recover or protect your health if you have been jabbed
39. Does the medical profession actually understand the functioning of your body?
40. Financial stress in your community
41. Your amazing capabilities to survive financial challenges and other challenges
42. A majority of voters are thriving under Covid rules: that’s why the rules continue to be imposed by politicians
43. Your inalienable rights are powerful and important and must be understood
44. Politicians wrongly assume that they can do what they wish
45. Visit for 8 simple steps
46. Conformity with unlawful rules is the same as supporting those rules
47. The need for whistleblowers
48. Retain consent forms and all other evidence relating to the jabs
49. Share stories of adverse events from the jabs widely
50. Reporting adverse events is essential
51. Visit for resources
52. Visit to donate to legal funds
53. Most large companies are not behaving lawfully by imposing jabs on employees
54. The job of the ‘awake’ is to help those who are ready to awaken
55. As a human being, you have enormous power. Humanity if facing an existential threat.
56. “Which hill are you going to die on?” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jnr.


Covid-19: High Court quashes ‘unlawful’ vaccine mandate for police and defence force staff (NZ)

Thanks, Gerry, for supplying this link to the NZ news that its High Court has quashed the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for police and Defence Force staff.


Sharon’s Resources and Formula 

A couple of weeks ago, one of our hard-working FOAM attendees supplied us with an example calculation of financial compensation for teachers who are forced out of their job due to no jab. 

Sharon has kindly edited and supplied this information for us, along with some other interesting points and attachments.

Many thanks for your work, Sharon.

​1) Free Resource 11-page document dated 13.02.2022 – ‘No Jab No Job’ info & breached laws/ data of harm etc. (in Word and PDF). 

2) Statutory Declaration template – exemption from vaccination, which was recently shared on “Lawful Contracts” Telegram page by ‘Shane’ in Melbourne. I have shown it to a few people and we think it is ‘smart’. 

The fact that people are labelled ‘unvaccinated’ by their employers and unlawfully terminated (duress and coercion), is discriminatory. The Australian Human Rights Commission website gives cryptic information about these COVID jab mandates with the words ‘medical condition‘. By being ‘unvaccinated‘, many could be construed as being labelled with this ‘medical condition’. Being ‘healthy’ (and choosing to protect one’s own autonomy and bodily integrity), could also be deemed a ‘medical condition’, which many are being discriminated against, with these jab mandates. – Scroll down to “Indirect discrimination and reasonableness”. 

3) SA State Election – Sat. 19.03.2022 with early voting from 07.03.2022. The Electoral Commission SA has advised that SA Voters will be able to have an EasyVote Card which has a QR code to scan when Voters enter the early voting centres or polling booths. The QR is obtained from mySA GOV app via an icon ‘MyStateElection’ in order to register to get the QR code. See attached screenprint image taken from link to ECSA website about this:

Just to let you know, since Federal Election 2019, I have been doing ‘Vote Wisely‘ guidelines to help people vote according to family-friendly values and ‘life’ issues. I have also done the NT, ACT, QLD Elections in 2020 and the WA and TAS elections in 2021. I will be doing voting guidelines for SA Election (as well as the Federal Election 5.2022 and then VIC State Election in 11.2022); but this is the FIRST use of QR for identifying voters in an Australian state election. It was NOT used for the WA or TAS Elections in 2021. 

Thankfully, SA Voters can easily AVOID this QR and just get their name ‘marked off’ manually via the electoral roll. BUT, is this a prelude of ‘marking’ of VOTERS for perhaps the Federal Election in May, 2022 – to then align QR identity with other myGOV & COVID safe apps and Australian passports etc.? 

You may be aware that some food products now have QR labels (e.g. meat products) instead of bar codes. Recently, Woolies self-serve machines have an option on a screen, to scan a QR code using your mobile and then pay your shopping bill. I witnessed this in their Dapto store last week. Is this another form of ‘marking’ or a prelude to a cashless society? Hmm. ‘Times a changing’ and quickly.

Statutory Declaration – Vaccination Exemption template

Free Resource for Vic, NSW, Qld teachers – PDF version

Free Resources for Vic, NSW, Qld teachers – WORD version

Anne de Buisseret presentation

Charles mentioned the video recording of a section of a global meeting he moderated last week that included an hour-long presentation by Anna deBuisseret, a UK lawyer, on why you have INALIENABLE RIGHTS.

Click on the YouTube link below to view.

Charles is happy for your to share this video with others.

Jury Duty – exempt due to not being jabbed

Tony shared…

“I received a notice for Jury Duty yesterday. The accompanying notice for exemptions said I could be excused for being over 70. It did not say anything about vaccination status on the form. It advised to go online, which I did. I duly filled in that I was now 70 and the computer replied that I would be answered in 5 five days. Online it asked about vaccination status, and I duly answered NO to first vax, NO to second VAX and NO to booster. I immediately got a computer reply saying I was excused from Jury Service for ever! This means that non-vaccinated people are not allowed on juries. So I thought about this and the lawyers among you may conclude that you cannot have an impartial jury in covid law cases, if all the jurors have taken the jab and already are part of the system.”

This prompts the point, as Charles discussed, we have the right of a jury of our peers. Who are your ‘peers’? This is a crucial legal issue that is worthy of note, note just for the unjabbed, but for all jury cases. For example, if you are a tradie accused of a crime, your ‘peers’ are not doctors, nurses, engineers or accountants. 

Being judged by a jury of ‘peers’ is an important protection mechanism. 

Common Law Earth

Jules shared this information.

Common law in Australia is vested in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 – It is the highest law of the land. This website provides information, explains procedures, and makes available documents for anyone wishing to learn about and use Common Law.


Grand Jury opening statement – Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 

Here is the opening statement of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. For continued updates on Nuremberg 2.0 we will share the relevant links. 


AVN Takes TGA to Federal Court

Charles shared the information regarding the AVN’s instructing Solicitor, Peter Fam, filing its case on the Federal Court’s website and asking for an urgent hearing.​


Reiner Fuellmich: Brussels Update & Covid Crimes Grand Jury Proceeding

Thank you, Charles, for the link to this video update on a World Council for Health discussion with Dr Reiner Fuellmich.


Organisation for Human Rights Defence

Phil mentioned the site Organisation for Human Rights Defence.


Pandemic Order Register

Thank you, Sean, for sharing this link for the Department of Health ‘Pandemic Order Register’.  

The Minister for Health can make pandemic orders to protect public health if the Premier has declared a pandemic.

Before a pandemic order comes into effect, a copy of the order is published on this Register. 


Employer rights violation grievance form

​Thank you, Jules, for this link to an employer rights violation grievance form.


Concerns about the removal of rights of foster children in Qld.

Take a look at video I have just put in your Telegram group:  Julie B, [4/02/2022 8:21 PM]


See what QLD are doing to isolate foster kids from parents and pushing for kids to consent to vax.  Wonder if this is also happening in other states?

Will The Courts Save Us? — with Retired Judge Stuart Lindsay

Conservative One: Pandemic Unmasked with George Christensen

​Thank you, John H, for encouraging us to listen to this podcast episode.

Will our courts defend the people against medical tyranny?

That’s the hope of retired judge Stuart Lindsay who joins us for episode 10 of the Conservative One: Pandemic Unmasked podcast.


British Policeman explained the charges and accountabilty that is being brought against the Police and Governement. 

Julie shared this video of a British citizen calling out the lawful responsibilties of Police and Government.



​Charles spoke about an expert’s affidavit for court cases sworn by Dr Peter McCullough. It is masterful. It articulates the issues very well. The good doctor is willing to swear such affidavits for any jurisdiction to support legal cases against the jabs.  


Crime investigation in London has been closed and it won’t be investigated any longer? – Charles confirms this is NOT the case.

Pasquale mentioned that he received word via Twitter that that the crime investigation in London has been closed and it won’t be investigated any longer. 

Charles advises that the criminal case in UK has NOT been closed. Any tweets or social media info to the contrary is false, fake news, and deliberately meant to deceive.

Notice of Liability – School Principals

Charles shares this Notice of Liability aimed at school principals. It is worth reading, to more deeply understand the criminality of jabbing school children.

Click here

Major UK crime investigation has been commenced against Government bureaucrats and politicians. Your help is needed for evidence of harm. 

Charles shares this Stephen Frost memo re evidence for Metro Police for criminal case. 

Click here

Interview with Outlawyer, Serene Taffafa

Phil shared this interestedinterview with outlawyer, Serene Taffafa. For a bit of inspiration.