Avi Yemini CONFRONTS 7News over Network’s lies following explosive court ruling

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Nick will be speaking at WOW this Sunday.

WOW: World Of Wellness. This Sunday at 3pm – 5PM  

SPECIAL GUEST: Nick Patterson

TOPIC: The need for integrity and strength in a world of weakness   

Uniting Church Hall, 17 Service St, Hampton 3188 Hampton Vic

Section 72 of our Constitution and the misconduct of Judge Helen Rofe of the Federal Court

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Go to https://opendaen.info/ to enter and search jab batch numbers involved in covid jab adverse reactions and injuries. Go to your GP, AIR (Australian Immunisation Register) or MyGov for batch numbers (thanks, Sharon, for that information). You can also apply for an international vaccination certificate (thanks, Meagan, for that information).

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Marooned, a play by Michael Gray Griffith

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This production, produced by Rohana Hayes, is brought to you with the support of both Rotary Altona and The Male Hug. “Marooned” written by Michael Gray Griffith was first produced in 2017 by The Wolves Theatre Company following the suicide of a friend. The play has been highlighted by audiences as a “must see”.
It was taken into the regional towns where it was used as a healthy tool for their communities. It has been performed for the Australian Army whose psychologist described it as a revolution in suicide prevention.
Marooned is an honest, and raw insight into the realities of the Australian experience, ‘Marooned’ explores the stories of four individuals trapped in the waiting room for the afterlife.  Marooned utilises a blend of humour and compassion to tackle heartfelt and often powerful conversations about life and death.

GO HERE to book tickets.

GO HERE to watch Charles K interview Michael Gray Griffiths and Rohana Hayes about Marooned on TNT Radio.

Council Election Material

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Dr Vic Portelli – Biomechanical Chiropractor

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Joe Rogan Experience #2152 – Terrence Howard: “I wanted to rewrite the periodic table”

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Agenda 2030

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GO HERE for a government site.

Connor Court Publishing

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The Rite Journey

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Blocking rain coming into WA

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Copper for health

Thanks, Ian B, for alerting and reminding us of the health value of copper. Copper does lots of good things for our bodies. Note the wearing of copper bracelets by many people over the years! Test your copper levels, noting that too little is bad and too much is bad!!

Jacqui Deevoy

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Infected Blood Inquiry UK

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Steve Kirsch: 5 SCIENTIFIC Reasons Your ‘Vaccinated’ Friends & Family Won’t Listen (And What to Do About It)

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A Flaska is a reusable glass water bottle with TPS (technology of programmed silicon) built into it.

The technology imprinted into the glass of every Flaska causes a vibration in the water, that restructures the water, (including even the most processed, artificially softened, tap water), back into its natural state, the same as natural, untouched spring water.

Every drop of water consumed from a Flaska will hydrate your cells properly, and from deep within, just like pure, natural spring water.

Benefits of better, deeper, intracellular hydration can include everything from improved sleep, decreased stress, better immunity, more natural energy, less inflammation; and better metabolism.

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My conversation with Dr Judy Wilyman on vax from April 2022

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The Tuskegee experiment

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Judy Mikovits on Rumble

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Andreas Michli 

Thanks, Charles K, for sharing this link to the presentation Andreas gave to the group, Medical Doctors 4 COVID Ethics. Andreas says “we have to take the piss out of all Government personnel who drive the fake narratives. Make fun of them. Don’t be scared of them, and don’t be afraid of being arrested and charged. Fight back!”