A few members of our group are helping with Forest of the Fallen this coming Sunday morning in Brighton, with the support of Donna & Amber from Frankston FOF. We encourage those who are local to go along and support this important initiative.

Forest of the Fallen

Sunday 28th May, 2023


Grassed area in front of The Baths, Middle Brighton, The Esplanade, Brighton

Set up is 10.30am, which should take up to an hour, if anyone wishes to join in to assist, otherwise just come along to offer some support.

Take a Sickie for Nicky

Thanks, Karen, for the work you are doing with Nick Patterson.

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Cafe Locked Out

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Rumbe: https://rumble.com/c/Cafelockedout

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cafelockedout

Autopsy Protocol

Thanks, Sharon and Ian, for sharing this information.

AUTOPSY PROTOCOL: Histopathology specimens need to be stained for spike protein plus the Viral Nucleocapsid (both need to be checked) on the following 21 named specified organs, tissues, vessels etc.

                1. Adrenal glands

                2. Aorta

                3. Blood vessels

                4. Bone marrow (femur)

                5. Bowels

                6. Brain

                7. Endothelium (thin layer of flat epithelial cells that lines serous cavities, lymph vessels and blood vessels)

                8. Heart

                9. Intestines (large and small)

                10. Kidneys

                11. Liver

                12. Lungs

                13. Lymph nodes (mesenteric) vessels (Lymphocytes inflammatory cells)

                14. Lymphocytic infiltration

                15. Ovaries

                16. Plasma

                17. Salivary glands

                18. Spleen

                19. Thyroid

                20. Uterus

                21. Whole blood

Histopathology plays a vital role in autopsy investigations by providing detailed information about the structural changes and abnormalities in tissues. It aids in determining the cause of death, identifying underlying diseases, evaluating treatment effectiveness, and contributing to medical research.

The histopathological examination allows pathologists to assess cellular changes, identify cancerous cells, detect infections, and understand the impact of injuries or trauma.

However, with covid infections and covid genetic vaccination reactions, there is limited histopathology. If there are spike protein antigens without nucleocapsid antigens detected, then it is highly likely there was the continued generation of spike protein by the injected mRNA material. With nucleocapsid, then it is likely antigen due to infection.

More studies are required in this area.

Dr Aseem Malhotra

This a reminder to register attendance for Dr Aseem Malhotra’s Tour. Thanks for the link, Sharon.


Bobbie Anne Cox

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GO HERE for Bobbie Anne’s presentation to the group, Medical Doctors 4 Covid Ethics.

GO HERE for Bobbie Anne’s legal website.

John Lukach

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Jesus, what happened to us? – Closing song.

Thanks, Charles K, for sharing this powerful song by Brad Skimitsis, who plays as Five Times August.


Brochures: Jab Injuries

Thanks, Jen, for the reminder to obtain the brochures from Jab Injuries Global and distribute them.