Due to a number of calls to change FOAM meeting times and days to accommodate those who can not easily attend on Friday evenings, we will start recording our meetings for private viewing.

The recording link will be shared upon request of FOAM members and not be published on any video platform.

The recording of our meetings can be paused at any time on request if a contributor is uncomfortable with their particular communication being included in the recording.

FOAM attendees are welcome to change their Zoom username and keep their video off during the meetings to retain their anonymity.

If you missed the meeting and would like the recording link, you can send a request to Julie at [email protected]

Charles Kovess guest speaker at My Place Bayside

We encourage everyone to come and bring friends to hear Charles speak on Wednesday 10th May.

Charles will discuss a range of legal matters, inalienable rights, our personal sovereignty and overcoming any fears we have that block us from speaking our truths. Similar to lifesavers who practise mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, we are all called upon to practise “mouth-to-mouth awakening”.

My Place – Bayside

Wednesday 10th May

7:00 pm AEST for a 7:30 pm start.

$5 donation for entry, if you can.

2A Wilson St, Cheltenham VIC 3192

Safe Blood

Thanks, Simon, for sharing this link. Safe blood initiative for unvaccinated blood availability.


PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY Every Human On Earth Needs To Be Prepared For The Truth

Thanks, JOC, for sharing this link to a video loaded to the Street Wisdom Bible YouTube channel.


COVID-19 vaccines campaign audio and radio ads

Thanks, John and Ines, for sharing this link about the advertising the government is publishing in promotion of the jab,


One Humanity Movement

Thanks, Gerry B, for alerting us to this initiative that will make a big positive impact to jab injury sufferers.


Jab Injuries Global

Thanks, Gerry B, for alerting us to Jab Injuries Global and Australia.


Gerry B links

Thanks, Gerry B, for sharing your commentary links.

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Kevin Loughrey

A reminder to visit the website of Kevin Loughrey. This also includes post-jab protocols.


The Light Australia

Thanks for reminding us to subscribe and share The Light newsletters, John and Ines.

Leave them everywhere – waiting rooms at GPS, trams, buses, trains, cafes…(Thanks for the ideas, Belinda)


Dr Phillip Altman – Substack

Thanks, Charles K, for the reminder to subscribe to Phillip Altman.


UVC: Prof. Arne Burkhardt: Autopsies: Evidence for Jab Related Harm and Death

Thanks, Kevin, for sharing this link.


AMPS: Australian Medical Professionals Society

Thanks, Dr Ian, for sharing this link to AMPS. They are promoting the tour of Dr Aseem Malhotra. GO HERE

GO HERE for the AMPS website.

World Of Wellness: WOW

If you are local to Melbourne, make sure you go along to the WOW events every Sunday.

Sunday 2:45pm Uniting Church 17 Service Street, Hampton, 3188

GO HERE for the WOW website.

Antiviral Effects of Nattokinase

Thanks, John and Ines, for sharing this link to an article written by Dr Peter McCullough.


Paediatricians Speak Out

Thanks, Charles K, for sharing this presentation link.


Johnny Vedmore

Thanks, Charles K, for sharing this link to a presentation by Johnny Vedmore.


65 Roses – a song

Thanks, John and Ines, for sharing this link.