United Australia Party candidate ‘rolls over’ in cell and won’t face court on charges

Thanks, Sharon, for sharing this article regarding a candidate for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party who is facing charges has not fronted court, with his lawyers explaining why.


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We are coming for you” – Senator Malcolm Roberts

Many thanks, Simon, for reminding us of what Senator Malcolm Roberts said about the culpability of this country’s politicians and their rejection of the damage their decisions and response to C19 have caused.


Graham Hood interviewing world experts on risk to pilots by the Jab

Thanks, John H, for this video link.

GO HERE for Part 1, and

HERE for Part 2

Put the Majors Last

Thanks, Phil, for your continued work with the team at Put the Majors Last.

Don’t forget to go to their website and learn how to ‘put the majors last’.


Climate 200 – preferred candidates

Thanks, John H, for this link to a website that details the independents backed by Climate 200.


Following on from this discussion about Climate 200, Sharon shared the following:

“Heads Up FYI: I have been monitoring for weeks, a Climate Change 200 Candidate called Kate Chaney in WA seat of Curtin (‘safe’ Liberal seat). Kate has a ‘donor wall’ listing HUGE amounts and many donations, including $70,000 from Climate 200 in March and a recent extra donation of $50,000 from Climate 200. Today, her total donations total $883,725. https://www.katechaney.com.au/donate/

Rosie also added to the conversation…”Kate Chaney is related to former Supreme Court of WA judge, former Chairman of NAB and a former politician. She has the pedigree …” “for reference John Chaney (former judge), Michael Chaney (former NAB chairman) and Fred Chaney (former deputy leader of Liberal Party)”

Former soldier and Values Party founder Heston Russell lied about selling porn online while fundraising for veterans charity

Thanks to Sharon and Phil for bringing our awareness to the founder of Australian Values Party, Heston Russell.


Charles Kovess Rumble channel

We encourage you to watch the presentations and interviews with key people speaking out against C19 and government response around the world.

Excellent and credible information and astute assessments.


In particular, here is the link to Daniel Estulin: https://rumble.com/v13ol65-daniel-estulin.html

Nazi Billionaires: The Dark History of Germany’s Wealthiest Dynasties

Charles mentioned the book by David de Jong, Nazi Billionaires.


Plandemic – Audiobook

Thanks, John H, for this link to the audiobook of Plandemic


COVID Chronicles Movie

Many thanks, Dora, for this link to a documentary chronicling the last 2 years by one of our trusted health advisors.


More big companies are dropping vaccine requirements for workers

Thanks, Simon, for this article indicating companies, including hospitals dropping vaccine mandates for employees.


Zeee Media Election Week – Damien Richardson – Independent Senate Team – Group R – VIC

Thanks, Fiona, for sharing this interview with Damien Richardson.


And, also this link to an interview with One Nation’s candidate, Lisa Stark – HERE

Vote Wisely site

Great work, Sharon, for your work developing your Vote Wisely site.

Everyone GO HERE and take a look.

Another sad story of a young person collapsing and dying ‘suddenly’.

Thanks, Fiona, for alerting us to another possible victim of vaccine adverse reaction.


Topher Field video – choose your face-puncher

Charles started playing this very amusing video put together by Topher Field.

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