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Thanks to Phil Greer and John Huntley for their valuable contribution.

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Maybe one or more images will interrupt the hypnosis of some, hopefully many.

See the following video of athletes and associated people of sporting organisations collapsing and dying in the US.

Share Danny Boy

FOAM participant, Tania de Jong AM, has sent out the following video on social media. The words and video compilation are Victoria’s Prayer – time to go, Daniel Andrews.

Words and vocals by Tania de Jong.

Please share widely.


Support and follow the MPs who are publicly stating they will not vote in favour of The Bill

Senator Alex Antic – Facebook page GO HERE

​Senator Gerard Rennick – his Facebook page also lists many adverse reaction stories GO HERE

Treatment for vaxxed and COVID infection

Simon provided this link to more elaborate research on spike and covid treatments in patents GO HERE.

Whistleblowers speak out

Dixie mentioned a video that has been released with Australian whistleblowers speaking out. Thanks for the link, Dixie. GO HERE.

Eva Migdal

Thanks for joining us, Eva. 

Eva suggested that anyone interested in contacting her can do so via her Facebook page. GO HERE

Great Resource: Steve Kirsch

Phil suggested a great resource that he has come across this week is Steve Kirsch. His materials are BEYOND BRILLIANT. Here’s the link to his website. He has a number of PPTs etc. that are amazing.


Eva mentioned that Steve Kirsch has set up the vaccine safety research foundation and a zoom every Friday morning and a record of the past zooms GO HERE

The Way Back Machine

Simon suggested The Way Back Machine, a site with archived web page data. GO HERE.

Canadian COVID Care Alliance

Eva spoke about the Canadian COVID Care Alliance. GO HERE.

OSHA suspends enforcement of COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses

​Dora shared an article link regarding the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) suspending enforcement of the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for large private businesses after a federal appeals court upheld a stay on it last week. GO HERE.


Adem shared a link to a fabulous interview by Bigtree with Boscche GO HERE.

Anna de Buisseret

The UK lawyer and activist that Charles mentioned is Anna de Buisseret.

International Criminal Court

Charles poke of the International Criminal Court. GO HERE