South Australian nurse speaking out at a protest. 

This video is now being banned by Facebook. If you have not yet had the chance to see it, here it is.

Homeopath Anthony von Moger

Go here for Anthony von Moger’s Burwood practice. GO HERE

Louise also mentioned ‘For The Health Of It’ in Yarraville. GO HERE

And, Charles mentioned Janine Brundle for the removal of heavy metals from your system. GO HERE

Voice For Victoria

Loz suggested joining the group Voice For Victoria. Go HERE.

Hoody’s Helpers

Loz also mentioned the group formed in response to the avalanche of people crying out for help for the ex-Qantas pilot, Graham Hood, who has been quite public in his opposition to the mandated vaccinations. Go HERE.


Daisy mentioned that Graham Hood was interviewed on Discernable. I could not locate that particular interview, however, Discernable’s YouTube channel is worthy of investigating. Go HERE.

Pasquale also highlighted Discernable’s interview with Nikolai Petrovsky.

Monica’s SOS to the world to save us

Watch Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy Australia’s powerful 4-minute video  – an SOS to other countries to help us: GO HERE

Reignite Democracy Australia website is useful to study for advice and resources.

Peak Prosperity

Brydon suggested looking at Peak Prosperity


and, GO HERE

Clinical Trials website

I think it was Louise who mentioned the website that holds information about clinical trials being conducted around the world. Go HERE and enter the relevant information.

Pfizer Contract

Have a look at an assessment of the Pfizer contract HERE.

Also, see the video of the Romanian politician, a member of the EU Parliament, who displayed the contract they were furnished with when they filed FOI requests – with most sections outrageously redacted. Go HERE.

Get involved in a coordinated action against Daniel Andrew’s Bill

Pasquale has researched and compiled a list of the crossbench members in the Legislative Council, with descriptions and contact details, in order to organise a “bombardment” of requests to vote against The Bill.

We need 10 of the 12 crossbench votes, above the 11 of the opposition representatives (Liberals + Nationals), to stop its adoption into law.

Vaccine approval for children in USA

Brydon shared the following link talking about child vaccine approval in USA.


At 6:34:40 mark, “we’re never going to learn how safe this vaccine is until we start giving it”

PCR Test information

Thank you, Pasquale, for sharing the following information about the PCR Test. 

Here is the link to a panel discussion with Kary Mullis, the American who won the 1993 Nobel Prize for his role in the invention of the PCR tests, widely used for HIV.


Ironically he died on 7 Aug 2019 with pneumonia, before this panicdemic hit the planet and his tests soared to world fame. Was this death ‘accidental’?

Revolution In The Streets

Go to the following YouTube channel for a lot of footage taken from around the world of protests.