Dixie mentioned an e-book that is being developed with stories of hope and challenge:

go here to help Dixie with a simple survey.


The political party that now has the largest member base is The United Australia Party, with 70,000 members. This party promises NO mandatory vaccinations. If you are interested in joining them.


Also, take a look at Australia One Party  – GO HERE

Business United Australia is a Facebook group of businesses that have declared that they will allow patronage of all customers whether they are jabbed or not. This group has 168,000 members. To check it out.


Educate for Protection is a project about educating for our protection and our Human Rights, Constitutional Rights and our Lawful Rights. Go to the following link for their website.


Tania suggested we put forward complaints to the Australian Human Rights Commission.


Tania also mentioned that complaints can be made about health practitioners here, regardless of whether they are treating you or not. GO HERE

The amazing not-for-profit organisation that Tania and her husband Peter Hunt AM have founded is here.

Join them for a free webinar on Wednesday 6th October at 7:30pm by clicking here.

Watch MP Tanya Davies provide an excellent summary of the Fairwork Commission decision on the case brought by an aged care worker who was sacked after not getting a flu vaccine.


The MCJ Report conducted a powerful interview with Prof. Augusto Zimmerman who is an Australian constitution legal expert.


Charles spoke of an important video by Reiner Fuellmich. It is his ‘Message To The World Re: Covid SCAM & Criminal Actions By Bill Gates and His Mates’. 


The article that Tania referred to by Julius Ruechel is titled The Emperor Has No Clothes: Finding the Courage to Break the Spell and can be found here.

To remain in communication between FOAM dates and share useful links and information, join the Telegram group ‘Awake’. The link is HERE.

You might find it useful to watch Charles’ video-podcast that he recorded this morning. 

The topic can help you in managing your relationships that may be affected with your differing health choices. 

Click on the image below to watch this episode. 

If you prefer the audio-podcast version, go here AUDIO PODCAST EPISODE