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Naomi Wolf article: I’m not “Brave”;You’re Just a P—y.

Naomi Wolf is a globally-recognised author, loved by some, and not so much by others! Her article on being courageous or being a pussy is worthy of your consideratoin. 


17 reasons why it is irrational to trust the medical community regarding the covid vaccines

Public health policies over the past two years have failed to curb covid at all but wrought unmitigated societal devastation. What exactly have they done right?


Short, effective messages…

Dr. Malone: Before You Inject Your Child

Thanks, Phil, for sharing this presentation br Dr Robert Malone. An example of a short, effective message. 


Robert F. Kennedy 3 lessons

Charles shared that during Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s presentation on the Pat Mesiti Pray and Pushback event, he shared these three important insights.

  1. We must ‘Resist, Resist, Resist’!
  2. No nation in history has ever complied its way out of totalitarianism
  3. Government never voluntarily relinquishes additional powers that have been given to it once an emergency has passed: the people need to resist before this will occur.