“KEEP GOING” by “Faith and Freedom”

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Dr. Berg Gets Censored (Silenced)

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World Of Wellness fundraising event

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“The World of Wellness International is holding a Bollywood fundraising event. Please see the link below as well as the flyer attached titled Bollywood Event.

It would be wonderful if we could get some FOAM members attending/supporting this event. WOW is also looking for some more volunteers to help out before, during and at the conclusion of the event.

I am volunteering my time, contacting various individuals, and collecting donations four our Silent Auction. Please find attached a formal letter from Ian Brighthope founding director introducing WOW, marketing opportunity. If anyone knows anyone that would like to make a donation or anyone has any questions about making a donation then please contact [email protected]

There will be a PowerPoint Looping on the night, an A1 size poster with logos from people who have donated, Their logos will also be displayed on the WOW website, Social Media and marketing materials.”

Govt Survey re the WHO Pandemic preparedness

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Thanks, Vicki B, for sharing this link. AMPS is the Australian Medical Professionals Society, and Christopher Neil is its President. AMPS is a likely source for GOOD health information!


AUSTRALIA – It’s time to Exit The W.H.O.

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China Has Near Monopoly On World Vitamin C Production

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PROFUN.ai – artificial creativity

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National Coronial Statistics — LOTS of “Open Cases” backlog in State Coroner’s Offices

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Jason Christoff

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And, GO HERE for his presentation to Medical Doctors 4 COVID Ethics International HERE

Wheel Of Action

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Notes and recommendations for conducting post-mortem examination (autopsy) of persons deceased in connection with COVID vaccination

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Don and Tyler Tolman

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Prof. Angus Dalgleish

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Pfizer Jab Contract

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“When the Covid-19 injection was rolled out we were told the experimental genetic serum was “safe and effective” also regarding side effects as they were all known to the manufacturers.

But… Aside from the document sent at the time for the EU approval, I now have a copy of the SA contract, which bluntly exposes the lie. 

See the document attached below.

On page 21 of this contract between Pfizer and the South African government, point 5.5 states the following: “Purchaser further acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known”

ODEM education

Thanks, Charles K, for sharing this link. This is a wonderful and comprehensive health education and other education resource.