Thanks for the following memes that were shared by a couple of attendees.

World Of Wellness

Ian B and JoJo were speaking about the launch of the World Of Wellness website.

There is an event happening on Monday to celebrate this powerful initiative.

Date: Monday 29th August

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: Tongue and Tonic, located at 474 Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick

Cardiovascular Manifestation of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents

Thanks, Simon, for this link to the article about cardiac injury in adolescents.


COVID lockdown Class Action in Victoria

Thanks, Fiona and Vicki, for this link to a Facebook post on the page for One Voice about COVID lockdown Class Action in Victoria.


And, thank you Stefano, for this link HERE

AMPS Australian Medical Professionals Society

Enormous thanks to Ian B’s work and contribution. For information on the group he mentioned, GO HERE

AMPS Reclaiming Medicine Conference 2022

You are warmly invited to join AMPS on 10th September 2022 for the Reclaiming Medicine Conference 2022, either in person or virtually. 

See the PDF download and also GO HERE for bookings.

New Insight on How a Western Diet May Cause Colorectal Cancer

Thanks, John & Ines, for this link to an article about new insight on the cause of colorectal cancer.


Brett Sutton statement of regrets

If you have not yet seen the video-statement of Brett Sutton, GO HERE – thanks John & Ines for the link.

The THRIVE Movie

Thanks, Fiona, for encouraging us to watch the movie that was originally produced in the 2011, Thrive, but is very relevant.


and also HERE

Peter Koenig

Charles encouraged us to watch the presentation on the Medical Doctors for COVID Ethics of Peter Koenig. He gives a wonderful global overview of the globalist agenda and how Covid ties in to this agenda, including the ‘Great Reset’.


Infertility Movie-A diabolical agenda

A powerful 30-minute documentary produced by Andrew Wakefield and Robert F Kennedy Jr on the intentionally caused infertility vaccine program in Kenya.

A humanitarian doctor who was murdered for blowing the whistle on this program is shown in the documentary saying: “when they finish in Africa, they’re coming for you!”


Malcolm Roberts Summary of COVID Inquiry 2.0

Many thanks, Vicki, for this summary and time notation of the Inquiry 2.0 provided by Malcolm Roberts.


A win for Robert F Kennedy Jr

Robert Kennedy Jr had a win in the US with a judicial panel consolidating more than 31 lawsuits against Merck for injuries allegedly caused by its Gardasil HPV vaccine.


Philip Altman Report

Charles encouraged us to read the Philip Altman Report. He has also prepared an introductory summary, to share with your own networks. The documents are attached below.

Last call for membership with Freedom Party

If anyone is interested in joining the Freedom Party, Morgan C Jonas (running in Upper House) has put a last call out for membership.

Become a member via this link: 

Thanks to Sharon for alerting us to this.