Video footage of Dr Mark Hobart practice being raided.  

Morgan C Jonas live-streamed dr Mark Hobart’s practice being raided by ‘Authorised Officers’. Seven of them. They took Dr Hobart’s confidential patient records.


Julie & Charles T-Shirts

Unlike the red shirts of our Dictator, Topher Field has some well-designed and well-intentioned t-shirts available, just like the ones Julie and Charles wore during the meeting.

GO HERE to purchase your own.

Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen

Thanks for this book recommendation, Loz. The moral of this children’s book is about friendship and acceptance and why it is sometimes okay to break the rules.

Voice For Victoria
Loz suggested joining the group Voice For Victoria. Go HERE.
Law Institute of Victoria letter regarding The Pandemic Bill GO HERE. Thanks for sending this through, Loz and for the note that this letter has the support of 20,000 lawyers. 

Open Letter 
Thank you, Vass, for the link to the Open Letter from over 60 senior barristers posted highlighting the concerns over The Pandemic Bill GO HERE

Monash University update on Ivermectin research

Thanks to Loz for providing this link to Monash University’s Ivermectin research GO HERE.

John’s Letter

John has provided an excellent letter that summarises a lot of accurate research on the total failure of the Covid jabs. 

This will need to be sent in John’s email format so will come to your inbox as a separate email. 

Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial

Thank you, Pasquale, for this article that speaks to revelations of poor practices at a contract research company helping to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal covid-19 vaccine trial raise questions about data integrity and regulatory oversight. GO HERE

And, thank you, Pasquale, for the following link to a video where Dr Robert Malone reveals the stunning truth about COVID injections GO HERE

Doctor Vernon Coleman blows the whistle on the COVID-19 “VACCINE”.

​ Thank you, John H, for sharing the link to this video of Dr Vernon Coleman blowing the whistle on C19 ‘Vaccine’. GO HERE

Get involved in a co-ordinated action against Daniel Andrew’s Bill

Pasquale has researched and compiled a list of the crossbench members in the Legislative Council, with descriptions and contact details, in order to organise a “bombardment” of requests to vote against The Bill.

We need 10 of the 12 crossbench votes, above the 11 of the opposition representatives (Liberals + Nationals), to stop its adoption into law.

School for the Unvaxxed

Julie P mentioned that there is a Telegram group who are developing a school on the Mornington Peninsula for unvaxxedd children. The group includes teachers, assistants and offerings of people wanting to help this project get off teh ground. The name of the Telegram group is Mornington Peninsula UnSkool. 

This group started out as a Facebook group and that can be found HERE.

Join the Telegram channel of Maria Rigoli Lawyer

Thank you, Sea, for bringing to our attention the Telegram channel of Maria Rigoli who has posted about new legislation they’re trying to pass regarding to consent for medical information.


and, GO HERE

Senator Gerad Rennick Facebook Page lists vaccine injuries

GO HERE and support Senator Gerard Rennick exposing the vaccine injury truth.